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Bonjour , My name is Ananya Debnath and i am sure you are going to find my blogs interesting so stick around, before starting let me introduce myself in an acceptable way, well...i am a housemaker, a wife to a stunning husband, post graduated in Business Administration and most importantly a Content Creator/Influencer.

Some Ritualistic introduction

The Kick off

I love fashion hugely, fashion is my habit or you can say my weakness. 2020 was the year when i started posting my fashion and beauty content on instagram ,you can always discover my profile as "fancy_bristles",  yes i named it "Fancy_bristles" i find the name very Unique , Funny and memorable. Now you might have guessed what will be my Subject here , yes it is "FASHION and BEAUTY
I never imagined i can also swing in the Blogging world but by God's grace and with the enormous support of my Husband it has taken place, i quit many MNC jobs as i never liked to be in those 9-5 roasters. And it was not that peaceful for me neither for my parents. As time went by things also got uncomplicated.

Please Buckle up for an Exciting Journey with me

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