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A day in relaxed outfit, Cute outfits, comfy outfits, lazy day outfit ideas

A skinny jeans and a Cotton shirt can be a perfect combination for a casual day

To create a relaxed appearance i have partnered by White cotton shirt with my Blue skinny jeans and sneakers. A comfortable and durable fabric can last for whole day outing and can still give a stylish appearance.

The most important thing it can work during any season. And you can rock in this look for a relaxed weekend as well.

How to style shirt with a Jeans

Always select the right design which look good on you, i prefer the long sleeves shirts with my jeans most of the times, but short sleeves shirt can also look great if you style it rigorously.

For comfort dressing with a zigzag I have tucked in the shirt half and tried to give it a cool vibe along with my shoulder bag and a crystal sunglasses has made it more sophisticated and elegant.

If you are attending a party you can always wear some stylish jewelries, boots or heels and some makeup which can make you more notable among rest, but remember don't over do it as there is a saying "Less is More"

Everyday looks with these cute casual outfits

Not only a skinny jeans can make you look classy but a looser fit solid straight leg jeans with shirt can make your look more stylish and enjoyable.

No no still you are not complete for a day out until you pair it with a belt and a bag along with your sneakers.

Neutral colors can make your casual look more voguish. Play with your white cotton shirt tuck it half to your slim fit flat trouser or with your jeans along with your flats, wedges or sneakers and a beautiful handbag also if you like then don't forget to complete the look with a shades too.

Believe me a loose-fit round neck t-shirt and a trouser pant with sneakers can be a big bang on look for a casual day out. To make it more attractive wear a shades too.

Some say bootcut pants are not to comfortable to wear it for a casual look, but that absolutely relies on individual's choice and comfort, My personal favourite way to wear a bootcut pant is always with a tucked in t-shirt or stylish tops or with shirts, loafers or wedges along with a waist bag or tote bag. If wearing a shirt you don't need to button on it right up to the collar and this will make you feel look more relaxed and cool.I have picked up a top from @hm and tucked in to my bottom from @hm and to give it a whole cool vibe i am wearing a shade with this outfit, this is one of my everyday go to kind of look for every outing (like shopping, hanging out with friends/family, going for a late night movie or for a brunch)

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