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Best summer outfit ideas to wear all season long

Though winter is one of my favorite season and it will remain in the list forever but seasons can not be the same always, it changes, spring starts from march and continues till may, then arrives summer which will continue from may to august, of course it is not at all bad because we get to change our style and can try some new fashion in this season, so all the clothes like sweater, jackets etc. etc. we wear in winter can not pull out in this season, we need to pick them very specifically which can give us the comfort and can make us feel enjoyable at the same time.

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If we consider that work from home is a new normal for many of us then we must not forget that important video calls through zoom or google meet is very much possible so, why I am talking about this particular point is we should pick our attire according to the meetings we are attending, personal and professional life have two different meanings and we all know office going people just can't wear anything or everything they want, there are some dress codes for the professional people whether formal or smart casual wear, in summer we can definitely choose something which will not be heavy or uncomfortable to wear, showing some pictures below to give you all idea what can you wear while working from home and attending your important business meetings on zoom call or going to attend any of the office conferences post covid times.

A formal or a smart casual shirt can make the whole look really professional as well as very modern, considering a stylish midi pencil skirt or a trouser to pair it up with the shirts, and for a better look pair a simple neckpiece with it which is totally optional for you all. So, what shoes should we wear with this look? Here I am taking maroon solid pumps from charles&keith and finishing the whole look with it.

Shopping is a therapy to make our mood happy, so one must not skip this ever, whether going to malls or for street shopping you must focus on which clothes can last for long hours and you must pull out them only from wardrobe, why I am using the word "long hours"? Because for every girl it takes whole day to shop and we can not feel discomfort in the outfits we will be wearing for days like these, so my go to style for this would be always a jeans with a t-shirt or shorts with a t-shirt, which can never make you feel sweaty or make you look drowsy, but this look will surely give you some stunning vibes, make you feel cool and comfortable, pairing my shoes/sneakers with this style and carrying a small waist bag or you may take a small shoulder bag as well, summer and sunglass always has a strong connection so never forget to wear a sunglass with it.

A special lunch date with my partner is one of my favorite way to collect memories together, so I never ever waste a minute to think whether I should go for a date or not, because it is always "A Big Yes" from my side, when in summer we plan for a lunch date one thing strikes me the most "what should I wear to make the moment really thrilling?" So the very first outfit I pick at that time "A BRIGHT FUN DRESS" midi or short that really does not matter but should not be a heavy fabric and it should make me look the best version of myself, now pairing up my heels to take it up a notch. Also carrying a clutch or a small shoulder bag can complete the ensemble.

I still remember in my childhood my parents used to make plans for having a family picnic. Having a picnic with family or going for some outdoor fun activities always used to cheer my mood and I used to get the chance to spend a lot of quality time with family while enjoying every moment together in a group, but we should also remember the weather is hot and sunny and we need to feel more relaxed and comfortable while spending the day out of the house, some light fabrics can make you feel cozy and also look cool, so to create a fun casual summer look I prefer wearing a skirt (flared/ A-line) with my cropped or off shoulder tops now pair them with your sneakers or with lace up flats and wear a sunglass to keep you fresh in the summer heat.

Searching for some great vacation spots? But not sure where to go and what to pack for summer essentials? Don't worry I have got the solution for you as I will tell you what I pack when I go for my vacation also what are the places I enjoy the most in summer vacations, when it comes to packing your clothes and other stuffs like footwear, accessories I pick them rightly and I make sure it should not waste my energy for carrying those stuffs along with me, the summer clothes I prefer for any vacation stays are Denim jeans like straight fit, flared, wide leg, boot cut etc. Also I love to wear the maxi dresses most in this season floral or plain anything is just goes perfect for me, now coming to my few favorite two piece swimsuit and I love to wear them during stays for any pool parties, while relaxing into the beach club etc. etc. Also never ever forget to carry all your shades, the comfortable shoes or sneakers and some beautiful hats to match your outfits along with your fancy bags, Now coming to the next point where I am sharing few favorite places of mine in India, any beach resort where we can just go, relax and enjoy our stays, or any hill stations like Himachal Pradesh, gangtok etc.

Now check these outfit looks in my Reel which I have posted on Instagram page "fancy_bristles" , also do not forget to follow me there as I post a lot of fashion contents starting from ootd to diy hacks and show them interestingly in creating videos and pictures,

Giving few Quick tips from the whole Blog

I am concluding the blog by giving you few tips which you may follow while enjoying summer outfits, please wear light fabrics, try to wear light colored clothing most of the times, choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, try to opt for sleeveless or loose sleeves, keep your hair off your neck, always try to avoid carrying larger bags and go for smaller bags, always carry your sunglasses whenever you go out in a sunny day.

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