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A Day with my DIY Halter neck top, how to style Halter neck tops

Summer is the season which falls between Spring and Autumn and i kind of cherish the season because i can pick any floral prints or polka dots and can wear light coloured cotton clothes ,sleeveless or loose sleeves dresses and most notably the DIY outfits.

Here i am revealing one of my DIY tip for summer style.

All you have to have is a Cute Scarf and some safety pins ...YES you heard it right (these two can make your summer outfit stylish and comfortable too)

buy less, choose well, make it last.

Take a beautiful cotton large scarf and tie it back close to your shoulder now bring the scarf to your front and cross them around your neck and this can make a beautiful halter neck DIY top

Settled down the whole look with my Matte nude lipsticks from Chambor and wearing a pair of shoes from Aldo along with my Shades from Vogue.

Some more ways to style halter tops:

I personally adore these halter neck tops with jeans and with a high waisted skirt.

(Carrying a clutch or a Sling bag can make this whole look more sleek and gorgeous but that totally depends on one's own choice)

Halter neck tops can be partnered with a goggle and some Lavish Jewelleries.

Don't worry if you don't want to reveal your skin much being in the Sun light, there are few choices for trendy full sleeve halter necks aswell.

If summer is your favourite season and you are trying to escape for beach holidays then you must pick some chic outfits like the halter neck tops and pair it with a shorts.It will help you to stand out from the crowd for a street style casual look too.

Smart, casual, chic are few styling goals for some people. If i include here one of my specific personal styling goal that would be a backless halter neck top with a loose ankle length trouser along with stilettos.

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