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One Scarf different Looks, how to style a scarf , steps to tie a scarf

Hi Loves, I hope you all are doing great and having a beautiful weekend with your dearest ones. Today i am going to talk about few hacks how you can make alluring outfits out of scarves/shawls, as scarves are one of our favorite accessories and we all have them in our wardrobes ,it can add some pattern to our outfits also keep us looking stylish, if you all love scarves as much as i do then you must keep scrolling this post and learn my easy techniques to wear them as DIY outfits, so all you need to do is take a scarf which is long enough to drape around the body, if you see all over on Instagram the "DIY" outfit hacks are so much on trend, especially when the climate is hot and you wish to wear all your lightweight fabrics while at the same time keeping them stylish and comfortable, and these hacks can surely give you a lot of ways to wear and take out all your boring old scarves,

If one shawl can worn in different ways then it can certainly play a vital part in to these DIY hacks,

We have boundless amount of scarf styles and options and here i am showing you all few of my top 5 easy and enjoyable styles with the long Scarves/Shawls.

Oh lala It's Brunch time

Have fun with your shawl, play a lot of styles and you really don't need to stick to one old style with it, for the brunch venue most of us love to wear something comfortable but chic so I would definitely pick a gorgeous outfit which will look trendy and will impress my friends or my Date, I have taken my large black scarf to have fun while experimenting with different ideas and styles ,I made a wrap dress while partnering it with a lot of accessories and aiming for an upscale ,chic aesthetic outfit, let me take you through the steps of this beautiful outfit:

Start the whole process after wearing a strapless body suit or a tube underneath the scarf outfit

Step1: take a large shawl/scarf/blanket scarf and wrap it around your body once from back to front,

Step2: now take a small ring and put both the ends together to the ring ,now criss cross it and tie it around your neck.

Step3: make a fluffy knot on the top of your shoulder and secure with safety pins,

Pair it with a metal buckle belt and wear your tie up flats ,finish the whole look with a stunning shades,

A date night outfit

Whether you are going on a first date or going for a casual outing with your partner always pick a outfit which will match the theme of the event, keep it classic by starting it with a timeless black dress, so for the special dinner date night the large black shawl will play a major role, making one shoulder Black dress and adding few accessories to give it an impressive look.

Start the whole process after wearing a strapless body suit or a tube underneath the scarf outfit.

Step1: take the shawl wrap it from back till front now you may secure it with safety pins to join them together.

Step2: now take the top flowing parts from back and front, twist them together and make a bulky knot to give it a sexy one shoulder style.

Step3: pair it with adjustable belt to make it look more classy.

Wear a piece of beautiful earring and wedges or stilettos for the finishing touch.

Evening Affair

Evening parties are one of the most happening where you can wear all your gorgeous outfits, so here i am taking the same scarf to rock the evening celebration in my own style while maintaining the whole look really voguish, wearing the scarf as strapless dress and trying to keep the look elegant, fashionable and at the same time sexy as well as hot.

Start the whole process after wearing a strapless body suit or a tube underneath the scarf outfit

Step1: Fold the scarf to make the length short and wrap it around your body starting from one side.

Step2: continue wrapping it till you attach the flowing parts tightly on top with few safety pins.

Step3: Now wear your pencil pants and give it a very ultra modern look.

Carrying a fancy clutch and wearing a pair of heels can certainly give a chic look to it.

Chilling by the beach

When staying at home but mind is in the Beach: we all wish to see the good old days again and going to the beach ,enjoying sunrises, sunsets with our loved ones,


So lets buckle up and wait for the good days to arrive soon, beach is the only destination to spend a quality vacation with a peaceful mind, when it comes to beach outfit one must wear a sarong or a DIY scarf as sarong in different styles, I strongly feel sarongs are eternal for every seasonal styles,

Let me take you all two of my best and favorite styles with scarf as sarong for beach vacations,

Scarf as side tie skirt

Scarves can be worn as wrap skirt and rock the beach vacation while pairing it with a bikini top or with a crop top and a pair of sandal also accompanying it with a shades,

Step1: hold the scarf horizontally behind you .

Step2: wrap it around your waist and take it front side of left or right so that it opens from any of the sides,

Step3: grab both the corner from top lengthwise and tie them tight together to one side so that it stays up when you go for a long beach walk.

Scarf as strapless beach outfit

Wearing a scarf as a strapless dress when you want to just relax by the beach and grab a glass of Mocktail while enjoying the sunset,

Step1: wrap a scarf around your back till front.

Step2: Attach the two top corners together while pulling it closer to your chest, tie them tight and make a knot, and you are good to go.

Finish the look with a monokini swimsuit inside your scarf/shawl/sarong along with your stunning goggle

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