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Diy trendy scarf tops, no sew scarf tops

The best thing about scarf tops are they can be wrapped in variety of styles and you don't really need to have a lot of scarves in your wardrobe to make it happen, Exciting Right? I know you can't really wait to make your scarf as a top and rock the beautiful day, so read on and enjoy the blog while taking some of my tips which are effectively my own experiences,

A few years ago when I was in college I never knew a scarf can be worn as a top too and I always used to drape the scarves unevenly around my neck and that is the only style I knew, gradually time passed by and my tastes into fashion started growing deeply and I started experimenting a lot of DIY styles, this is how scarf has become one of my favorite piece of fabric. On YouTube you will find a lot of creators make diy videos on scarves and Instagram has no exception in this, so you can't really miss the video I have posted on this scarf top on my Instagram and will get the idea of wrapping the scarf nicely while having the confidence to wear them out for an event or for a casual day outing.

Please Read on till end also keep an eye on my Instagram video post on this.

I have lot of scarf collections and I keep on buying them in new pattern or color, as it adds up options to my wardrobe and can give me the right pattern at right time, here I have taken my chiffon white scarf to make all my tops in some dashing ways, and tried to keep the styles easy for you all to learn the tricks, so let's find out all the styles here:

1. Beach style crop top:

Took the scarf from behind till front and tied it tight while attaching it with my solid camisole, now taking both the extra parts and trying to put them inside the camisole in middle, now making sure all the flowing parts are nicely draped, this is how it turned out as perfect strapless tube top.

2. Scarf as halter neck top:

Made a stylish halter neck top from the scarf and I needed a neckpiece to make the whole style, wrapped the scarf from behind till front and tied it tight while taking the extra flowing parts to attach them to neckpiece with few pins or you can simply tie them tight, the fluffy line from neck till chest made the top look more chic.

3. Triangle shape strapless top:

Here I made this top a little different and I am sure you too have noticed it. Well yes that's my side pattern triangle shape strapless top, the reason for this is because my scarf is a bit rectangular shape rather than squarish so this specific pattern made it easy for wrapping from behind while securing it tightly. Steps are really quick and easy to follow while folding the scarf in a triangle shape and wrapping it from front till behind also tied them tight.

4. One sided shoulder top:

This one is my favorite pattern and reason is I love to wear them anywhere since they are modest and elegant and the pattern looks cool while showing off your pretty arms. The hack of this pattern is really easy, following few steps like taking both the corners in a criss cross position and attaching them together while taking the tied section on my shoulder and repeating the same for securing it below my shoulder near to waist.

5. Butterfly style halter neck top:

I named it butterfly top as it is exactly looking like a cute butterfly to me, trust me this goes well with any jeans or any palazzo pants, well let me give you the ideas of making this pattern, you need to wrap the scarf from behind and taking it front while holding it's corners for tying them together and repeating the same for the other corner as well but one thing we need to remember is to leave enough gap in between both the tied corners which may make it easy to settle down in around your neck and shoulder,

6. Scarf as Tube top:

Girls like tube tops the most as it gives some sophisticated looks all the time, I personally adore the pattern, it goes well with any bottom, steps are easy to make this particular tube top with a scarf, just fold the scarf once and tie them as a Knot very tight and you can leave them as it is from behind so it will make a cute back style with a knot.

As you all know I am so much active on Instagram and I post everyday, most of my posts are related to fashion style and ootd so you can't just ignore my page and the contents I post, I have also posted a video on this scarf tops and which can help you all to learn the tricks in practical, so here you go,

Ending my blog here with very short and simple tips which may help you guys to choose the right diy style according to your body shape:


1. You can wear a tube scarf top with a flared jeans if you are tall or you want to look tall.

2. You can wear a halter neck scarf top with a straight cut jeans if you have rounded hips.

3. You can wear a one sided shoulder scarf top or a butterfly patter scarf top with palazzo pants or with skirts if you want to hide your thick thighs so it basically goes well for pear body shape.

Thank you for reading the blog, I hope you have found it helpful also if you want to give any suggestions or any feedback you can always do that and it will be really appreciable

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