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Lipstick speaks louder than words, how to pick the right lipsticks, right shade for our skin tone

A lipstick lover can relate to this above written quote,

without putting some lipsticks the whole look is unfinished, however few like to put the vibrant colors and few like the nude subtle shades, it is absolutely ok and depends how you gonna fetch it and where are you headed?

Some has the taste of lip glosses, lip balms but i believe lipsticks has it's own trademark which can not be replenished,

Secretly i like the Nude shades the most as i can wear them all day long for any purpose, mostly for the day outs the nude shades will work well,

Wear a jumpsuit or a simple casual outfit and put on some dazzling shades like the caramel nude, sand nude, blush nude, brown etc. and a piece of jewelry like choker set or earrings and you are ready to rock the day.

There are a lot of unexpected benefits of wearing lipsticks:

Lipsticks provide hydration as it has lot of major ingredients like Aloe Vera/Vitamin-E,

Lipsticks can protect your lips from sun exposure/UV rays.

It defines your lips in a beautiful way and also brightens your lovely smile.

Women feel more confident when they wear lipsticks(whatever the situation is).

People say lipsticks are mood enhancers , if you feel down lipsticks will surely make you feel more confident and high.

Recently I got my hands on few brands

The lipstick which does not dry out and will make you feel comfortable and lasts long long time is always a Girl's best friend, @chamborgeneva extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipsticks has the creamy matte finish and gives the extreme coverage, using this fabulous brand since past 4 years and never stopped loving it, nude brown shades are the most commonly worn for any seasons and one can never go wrong with these shades as it compliments the dramatic look and praise the natural skin texture.

seriously I could not get enough of their impressive collections of non transfer waterproof lipsticks by @swissbeautycosmetics , they have long lasting hold and smudge proof formula which can be a perfect collection for your holidays, few shades are absolutely lively for the party look makeup and you can easily make a grand entry with a pretty outfit and high heels on.

And for some ultra fine look probably you can not miss the nude shades.

The another go to product of mine is @swissbeautycosmetics all about lip palette which has 10 different shades in it from bright to nude, pinkish to reddish, without any surprise the palette matches flawlessly with my outfits.

Hey girl you are always beautiful and to stay chic you gotta paint your lips red and leave a mark on, wear your gown and grab a glass of wine ,layer on @maccosmetics lipstick from Centre outward for a fairy tale look.

Addicted to Lipsticks? But wondering what can be a good option to wear all day long? It's time to have a look into the wide range of Christian Dior lipsticks, Dior does not only make classy bags and accessories but they also manufactures high class makeup products, Coming to the lipsticks range now, the ultra nourishing formula gives hydration to lips, also the long lasting matte lipsticks will give you a luxury pout every time wherever you go.

"give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world"

Some tips to choose the right shades:

Now a days there are lot of ecommerce sites and the online shopping has become really convenient and easily accessible while sitting at home, if you feel choosing the right lipstick's shade is still a challenging task then you are wrong because you may select the shades from websites like @myntra @nykaa and also from the specific brand's official site and try it on by uploading any of your picture or play with the shade in live camera and you are ready to add it in your cart,

Tip1: A poorly chosen shade can destroy your whole look so choose the shade according to your skin tone whether fair or light, medium, tan and the color which suits you.

Fair skin tones can surely look good in Nude shades and dusty red too.

Medium skin tones with the cherry red or with the berry shades.

Tan skin tones can rock it with dark pink or coral red shades.

Tip2. Choose lipsticks according to your hair color, blonde hair can pick all the pink shades like warm and dark pink shades.

Dark black or naturally black hair can go with any bright pink or cherry shades.

Tip3. Lipsticks can be chosen according to your lip size as well, whether thin lips can wear some light shades to look stunning, and plump lips always should go for the darker shades like red and dark brown etc.

Few more favorite picks:

Colorbar : Explore a wide range of shades with this brand in a reasonable price, very easy to apply and sets within a second of application.

Maybelline : it is super smooth and lasts for long time, it has wide range of lipsticks from matte to high shine.

Myglamm : It will leave your lips hydrated and moisturized also the lipsticks are smudge free, cruelty free.

Nykaa : These are creamy and long lasting formula lipsticks which has nice texture.

Revlon : works for dry lips as well and moisturize lips with good hydration, and these are very easy to use which feels comfortable after applying.

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