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Post workout skincare routine, How I maintain my daily skincare routine after workout at home

Sometimes a workout is all the therapy you need, fitness raises my self esteem by mentally and physically , but what about nourishing a healthy glowing skin? Which can be a challenging part if we don't focus on our everyday skincare routine, having a glowing, clear skin naturally is a blessing for few as it depends on our parents or any of our close family members as it is a genetic condition for many, genetics are responsible for our skin, our hair, our body structure and many more, genetics and hormones are a major player whether we are going to have breakouts or not, I never ever had a clear skin in my whole life which always used to give me lack of self confidence, I almost have followed all the procedures to fight with my breakouts, acne problems like : washing face twice daily, applying acne fighting gel prescribed by doctors, not using any makeup products especially foundations, getting a plenty of sleep , but nothing worked for me till I take all the steps grievously along with my daily workout routine, I am very much confident and happy with my skin now though it is not 100% clear yet but I can see the glow which is coming through.

Now coming back to the leftover point we were discussing above: Some are blessed to have a clear skin but some are not , there are lot of reasons behind this , research says there are at least 80% acne problems related to genetic factors, but we can certainly beat this with few routine steps and may be this needs to be continued for years and years, but remember never overboard with lot of skincare routine,

Lets get jump into the point now

Post workout we always rush for a hot shower and it makes us aggressive with our skin, as we over scrub our skin to wash away sweat and use towels to dry roughly and it can dehydrate our skin leads to acne breakouts, and these above steps are "strictly no no" to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

Get a glowing skin with few necessary steps described below

Using a mild cleanser

Using a mild cleanser post workout session can be a good choice to save our skin from all the bacteria which we may get in touch with in the gym, because we never know how many have used the same treadmill before we have stepped in and this can surely lead to acne problems if we don't use a good mild cleanser after the session.

My top picks

1.Sebamed clear face cleansing foam :

It gently deep cleanses pores, soothes skin, removes dirt ,blackheads etc. , take a small amount of the foam into the palm and massage gently, use it twice in a day.

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2.Neutrogena deep cleansing foam face wash :

It suits all skin type and both men women can use it, it controls oil formula while keeping the natural moisture in the skin for a healthy glowing skin,

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3.Organic harvest rainforest cleanser :

It is a good product for acne prone and sensitive skin, nourishes and moisturizes skin ,improves the skin texture to maintain glow, take a generous amount and apply it on wet face and neck in upward direction, rinse thoroughly.

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4. kozicare skin brightening facewash :

It deep cleanses the skin to remove dirt, oil and impurities, it helps to fade blemishes and dark spots and makes your skin more radiant and glowing.

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Don't forget your body

Cleaning your face after workout is not enough until you clean your body and don't let the pores get clogged , take a deep cleansing exfoliating body wash or scrub or shower gel and use them while taking shower to get the freshness for whole day,

Few of My picks

1. Bella vita exfoliate scrub :

It removes dirt and dust particles combined with sweat and pollution can stick to our body, it removes tans, clears clogged pores and lightens and makes skin smooth. Use it as scrub by mixing with any skincare products.

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2. The love co. Lime and narangi shower gel :

It keeps our skin looking smooth and healthy,

Also leaves it smooth, soft and clean.

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3.Chocolite scrub :

It prevents blemishes and removes tanning, exfoliates and leaves the skin polished as well as refined, suitable for both men and women ,

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Take a shower in tepid water

As we all know sweat can release a lot of toxins from our body so that workout can play a vital role in this, but post workout one should go for a lukewarm water shower as it can open up the pores in our skin, also can wash some of the dirt from our skin and body, which leads to a fresh and clear skin, warm water shower can help us to have a good blood circulation and can get us enough sleep too, which positively will gift us a healthy skin

Pat dry your skin

Do not rub the towel to your skin , rather gently use the towel to pat dry, be gentle so that it won't cause any irritation to your skin, especially when you have sensitive skin you should take good care rather than rubbing off the moisture from skin.

Calm your beautiful skin with a toner or face mist:

Face mist or face toner can be a good source of your skin hydration , especially they clean up the skin from all dirt and extra oil and soothes your skin, also mist helps to retain the moisture and freshness, which is a must have product in our skincare collections,

My top favorite picks

Core & pure :

It can keep your skin stay moist while balancing the overall texture, works well for sensitive skin and use it anytime your face feels dryness, stress etc. to get relief.

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Organic harvest green cucumber toner :

100% organic, vegan, cruelty free toner, and it is ideal for all skin types, water based, it improves skin texture, removes excess oil and soothes the skin,

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Khadi pure herbal neem and cucumber freshener :

It can act as an blemish removal skin toning, moisturizing skin, skin brightening, oil control, pigmentation removal etc., and it is ideal for all skin types,

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Treatment of reducing inflammation

Changing our lifestyle and eating healthy food can lead to a good healthy glowing skin, getting enough sleep is also an important part of this, whereas we should also take care of our skin with some good products like sunscreen, face serum, inflammatory cream, hydrating cream, kojic acid cream etc.

My top picks are

360° block sunscreen gel :

It protects from UVA INFRA-RED Radiation, BLUE LIGHT and ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTANTS. helps to reduce the sign of aging and protects from harmful free radicals.

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Kozicare skin whitening serum :

It is suitable for both men and women, It is paraben free and helps to reduce pigmentation ,dead skin, anti aging, brightens skin and skin toning.

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Organic harvest rainforest day cream :

Ideal for normal to oily skin type, it nourishes your skin and give moisture all day, protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

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Biotique whitening and brightening cream :

It is for all skin types and can give your skin a good moisture for all day long, can be used in summer and winter both seasons.

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Last but not least having a good diet along with improvement in sleep hygiene can give you a healthy , glowing skin always, take out some time from your busy schedule to rejuvenate your skin and avoiding stress can help more in that case

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