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Right ways to wear Short skirt for every occasion, whether street fashion or a casual day out.

I feel so enjoyable in short skirts and it gives me a bold look which I always wish for, especially when I am planning a thrilling photoshoot day and a coffee date.

What all I am accessorizing with my short skirt for a stunning photoshoot day? Let me share some ideas through my pictures here.

Most of the times you will be needing sunglasses, some jewellery like neckpiece, earrings, fancy scarfs and some stunning bags , shoes etc.

Well these are few pictures which I will put on my Instagram page @fancy-bristles certainly for my people/my followers. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for many more staggering contents.

As summer is one of the main season to pull out all your mini skirts and show your beautiful long legs, but don't be upset with other seasons as well because you have got a lot of options to style all your beautiful mini skirts in winter as well if you pick the right kind of extra clothes to layer them up.

Let me also tell you short/mini skirts are so adaptable that it can be paired up with many tops or t-shirts as well, A crop top, a plain t-shirt, even a shirt can go well with short skirts.

Thinking of a beautiful beach vacation and preparing, planning for the outfits to wear when you can still look stunning and bold at the same time? Then here I have got some ideas for you, Wear your flats, sunglasses, a floral shirt and you are ready for a hot summer beach vacation or for a beautiful day out. I always prefer this specific style as it gives me cool and hot look at the same time. If you are wearing a plain shirt or a floral please tuck in to your skirt, believe me you are definitely going to show off your beautiful long legs (LOL hahahahaha).

But there is surely a substitute of this style which is a nude tight bottom and team it with a closed toe foot ware (if you are not so congenial without tights) especially if you are heading to a function or a party where all your family members will be presented and you might feel that this is not the right time to wear your beautiful bold mini skirt over there , A tight or a leggings can certainly give your style some extra ordinary look with some nice texture to it which can eventually look chic sometimes. Picking a right tights or leggings is the main challenge as you will never want to spoil the whole look by choosing a wrong fit.

Few months back I styled this look for my fashion shoot and posted the pictures on my Instagram page and Guess what? This post has got huge response from my beloved audience (my friends) and I still can't get over of this stunning look , which was simple but modish, let me take you all through this particular style right here once again.

Pairing this style easily with my wrap around flats from @forever21 as my flats will expose my ankle and it will surely create a longer look, yes of course a white solid ribbed top from @hm and a leopard print skirt from @zara has played the main character here and one can certainly finish this look with a sunglass and with some stunning accessories,

Tights that go well with any short skirts

Taking all the neutral colors at first to make it easy for pairing up with any mini skirts, some colors like black, white, skin color etc. goes well with any color of skirt or with any pattern of skirt, if wearing leggings or tights with shorts or miniskirts then you must choose your footwear according to that particular style , for eg: you can choose any boots or heels for the winter look and for any summer or vacation to beach look you can pick all the beautiful flats or gladiators.

Now taking it positively and thinking if you are not going to do any stunt or any activity which might not need to wear leggings or stockings to cover up your beautiful long legs can give you some kind of relief as you don't need to layer so many clothes for an outing, wearing a skirt of course which is short enough to make you feel bold and beautiful can give some good vibe as well and can add more positive energy with some confidence within ourselves.

Now the biggest challenge is to pair up a lot of accessories and partnering a perfect top and carrying a bag, wearing shades with your skirt, and not to forget the perfect pair of shoes or heels with it to look more mesmeric.

Hola!! let's have a look of some of my favourite short skirt looks right here

which can be worn for a casual outing, or for a clubbing with friends or for some special date with that special person ,and of course where you don't need to think much for those layering with leggings, stockings, or with any tights but you may still pick some fancy stockings to add little more drama into the looks,

The very first look here is one of my most favorite because I got the chance to wear those @hm boots with my skirt and have got some cool vibes to show off while showing my legs.

The second one is again my favorite look and here I paired up my skirt with my favorite long boots from @forever21 ,I bought them this year before the summer, and I am really happy how the whole look is giving a stunning powerful vibe with my denim skirt which is from @max. You can also carry a small shoulder bag or a waist bag with this look while heading for a day out or for shopping,

Last but not least where I would say this flared skirt always give me some cute feeling , aah I hope you got my emotion ..hahahaha! Well this is not a skirt but a Scarf from @bigbazar with this I made a flared line skirt while securing with some safety pins and an elastic too. Pairing it with my favourite bralette top from @womensecret and on the top of it wearing a Blazer which I recently bought from @hm, and I am hoping you can surely not ignore my Heels from @charles&keith , which gives me the boost to rock the floor tonight.

Now coming to a conclusion and before that let me tell you all about my Instagram page which has got a lot of fashion ideas with diy videos, ootd videos, branded contents which might help you further for references and not to forget some of my best pictures with some stunning outfit ideas. So, take a tour with me every single day and get to know me more over there on my page, you may find it here by jumping into the home page, also can type and search it with the name "fancy_bristles" (you may directly click on the name and can visit my page)

So here I am talking about the conclusion part without wasting any more time

This can be taken positively or with a confidence that we can still take out all our mini, midi, short skirts and can wear them whenever we want, it really does not matter where we are moving or what others will think until we feel uncomfortable or lose our confidence

Damn ...Girl remember "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS IN AND OUT" let them stare because you really made it worth.

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