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Styling all white button down shirt for summer

White is the color almost everyone of us love whether it's a white shirt or white top or white dress we really love to play with this color and yes today I am going to share few of my favorite personal styles to wear all white button down shirt for summer, before that I would like you to take a few seconds to subscribe my page which will make sure you don't miss any of my future posts, and check out my Instagram page for more such amazing fashion contents,

Now coming back to the point where we were left to discuss, white shirts can be styled in various ways but I will be sharing my few favorite styles to wear it rightly while pulling down the buttons, 

White shirt as one side shoulder

White shirt as cold shoulder

White shirt as v shape back

White shirt as tie front crop top

White shirt as open front with tube

Few tips from this post
  1. Try to compliment this shirt with a tube or strapless camisole in light shade while styling it as off shoulder or some other styles,

  2. White shirt also looks best when you add a sunglass,

  3. Loose white shirt goes better with any summery shorts or with denim jeans,

  4. For front tie look add some jewelries or accessories to make a style statement with white shirt.

  5. For high fashion look you can leave it open and belt it,

Check the video here to get some more ideas on this

Thanks for reading the post and if you have any suggestions or feedback you can always give that here, it will be really appreciated, I will see you all in my next post soon till then please subscribe to my page.

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