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Types of makeup brushes and how to use them correctly

Hi My loves, I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the times, today I am sharing my personal experience with the makeup brushes from Gubb and will also be telling you what brush to use for different applications, so keep on reading and don't forget to sign up for some more interesting posts in future.

Recently I have received these makeup brushes from Gubb and I could not resist myself from trying them out and create some beautiful makeup looks, there are 8set of makeup brushes and each one is different for applying products.

Let's not waste much time and jump to the topic

These brushes has wooden long handles and aluminum ferrule also synthetic hair which makes perfect blends to create flawless looks

1.Foundation brush: It can be used to apply the liquid foundations on our face and because of the soft bristles it blends properly,

2. Powder brush: Compact powder or any powdered products can be evenly applied on face to get flawless look because of it's fluffiness,

3. Buffer brush: whether to buff out any harsh blush or to contour the cheek bones this versatile brush makes everything looks flawless and it is very fluffy too,

4. Blush brush: It is little fluffy and rounded in shape which makes applying the blush or bronzer on our cheeks very easy,

5. Fan brush: whether to contour our cheek bones, neck bones or foreheads this fan brush makes it very easy and it can be used to highlight the areas perfectly,

6. Eyeshadow brush: The bristles are soft enough and looks flat to apply any kind of powdered eyeshadow or the liquid eyeshadow to our eyes easily, I mostly use them to apply powdered eyeshadow,

7. Eyeliner brush: The small eyeliner brush can be used to apply liquid eyeliner to create many eye makeups like winged eyes, graphic eyes etc., and can be used as eyeshadow brush as well,

8. Lip brush: The flat long handled brush makes it easy to apply any lipsticks without smudging it in a proper shape,

Thanks for reading my post please have a look into this video which I have made on these brushes of Gubb,

Will see you all in my next post soon.
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